QWhat happens once I submit my application?

A After submitting your application online, you will be contacted by one of our loan specialists who will assist you with your loan requirements. The loan specialist designated to your file will be your point of contact through the entire process.

QHow long does the loan process take?

A CLN Finance can have an approval for you within hours. Once you are contact by your designated loan specialist the length of time is dependent on how quickly you can provide the required documentation. The quicker your loan specialist receives your documents, the faster they can obtain an answer regarding your approval.

QWhat documents do you require for approval?

A CLN Finance will require three month bank statements and 2 recent pay stubs for most approvals. Some applications may require more documents or different income confirmation, depending on the applicant’s situation.

QAre there upfront fees?

A CLN Finance will not require any upfront fees. Be wary of loan companies requiring fees upfront, as upfront fees are normally linked to scams. Do your research and protect your finances.

QI have been recently discharged from bankruptcy or consumer proposal, can I get approved?

A The answer is, YES! We welcome all applicants who have been recently discharged, to start rebuilding their credit with CLN Finance.

QWill you do a credit check?

A Your consent to a credit check will be obtained when you complete one of our online applications. We will do a credit check once we receive your application. If you are concerned about credit inquiries, please contact one of our friendly loan specialists who would be happy to discuss your situation and guide you in the right direction.

QHow will I know when I’m approved?

A Your loan specialist will notify you as soon as your application has been approved.